Brian must really think Manitobans are stupid.  His recent plan to send seniors in Manitoba a cheque for $200, regardless of need, to help them with the added costs of Covid-19 is political pandering, plain and simple.

He defends his decision, stating it “shows a little respect” for seniors who are spending more during the pandemic.

Well, we have respect for Manitoba seniors and we wouldn’t deny those in need the support. But the Premier will need to do far more than this to demonstrate he has respect for all Manitobans, and especially those who are struggling right now.

The Premier has been challenged by the media and social justice groups about the hypocrisy of spending $45 million dollar to put $200 in the hands of all Manitoban’s over the age of 65, regardless of need, while he also argues (and exaggerates) that the devilish debt is forcing him to cut public sector jobs, reduce funding to universities, eliminate funding for non-profits.  The premier has also said ‘no’ in  response to calls for increased support for those on Employment and Income Assistance, who are disproportionally affected by COVID-19 and have had an increase in costs during the pandemic.

From a social justice perspective, Brian Pallister’s COVID-19 response has been infuriating. It is deeply troubling to see a Premier so blatantly disdainful of workers and people living in poverty, taking advantage of the pandemic to lie about the Manitoba’s debt and deficit, and to ram through needless and harmful policies and spending cuts.

At the same time he sends $45 million out the door to every Manitoban over 65 years of age, the says this to those laid off from jobs in the non-profit sector:

“I’m sorry your job is lost, but the work doesn’t need to be done right now”

This is a further example of the kind of cold-hearted, mean spirited man we have leading the charge in Manitoba.

Unfortunately, Manitobans are stuck with this means-spirited and callous Premier for a few more years. But we’re not stupid, Brian.  And Manitobans won’t accept your actions without a fight.

We have listed contact information for the Premier and MLAs in previous posts.  Write to them and tell them you don’t support the government’s austerity plans. And check out the the Communities-Not-Cuts website for updates on actions that you can get involved in.