We’ve been slacking off over the summer here at Value Manitoba, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a ton of things going on.  The provincial election is September 10th and unless sanity suddenly prevails, the Pallister government will be back at the helm, emboldened to continue its hacking away at public services.

Premier Pallister skipped Make Poverty History Manitob’a debate on poverty and the Manitoba Health Care Coalition debate on healthcare. Even the PC friendly Chamber of Commerce couldn’t get Pallister to debate the issues. They chose to cancel their event.  But if most recent polls are accurate, none of that seems to matter. Pallister will be back in the legislature and we can only anticipate more of the same.

This recent article  by James Wilt, published in Canadian Dimension, describes the long list of cuts during Pallister’s first term. Wilt has done a fantastic job on this ‘repository’ of cuts and regressive policy changes.

Sadly, the list is likely to get a whole lot longer. In fact, the worst may be yet to come.