In a previous post we described why Manitoban’s should be concerned about the Pallister government’s bent toward privatization.  In this article, we learned that the Premier of Manitoba’s last Conservative government benefited handsomely from the privatization of Manitoba Telecom Services.

Well, seems like Mr. Filmon is back in the game. In February 2019, the Manitoba government announced that it has entered into a five-year contract with Winnipeg-based Exchange Income Corporation (EIC) at $4.2 million per year. EIC was chosen as the new sole provider of transportation for justice officials and people accused of crimes, flying them to courts in rural Manitoba.

If privatization of yet another important service isn’t cause for concern, maybe this will raise a red flag: Former Progressive Conservative premier Gary Filmon, husband of Lt.-Gov. Janice Filmon, is the chair of EIC’s board.

Check out this CBC article and this Winnipeg Free Press report.

Does the Pallister government really expect Manitoban’s to believe that Tory cronyism wasn’t a factor in this deal?