An October 18th provincial news release announced that former BC Premier Gordon Campbell will head yet another economic review of Hydro mega projects, Keeyask and Bipole III.  There is a huge red flag here that relates to our November 4, 2016 post, Manufacturing Crisis.

In that post we outlined the 10 step strategy governments use to justify privatization of Crown Corporations.

We’ve long been concerned that the Pallister Government will use this strategy to privatize Manitoba Hydro.  The hiring of Gordon Campbell, who “does not appear to have any clear expertise in hydro-related issues” but plenty of experience with privatization, is strong indication of where we are headed.

As described in this article, there is cause for concern and no value to be had for Manitobans should the Campbell review lead to the privatization of any aspect of Manitoba Hydro.

Value Manitoba we’ll be keeping an eye out on for the results of this review, expected to be released in December 2019.