Despite promises to maintain frontline services, the Pallister government has managed to make healthcare accessible to fewer and fewer Manitobans.  From closures to emergency rooms and urgent care clinics in low income neighbourhoods, to the elimination of in-hospital physiotherapy and occupational therapy and the closure of the Victoria Hospital Mature Women’s Centre, it’s near impossible to imagine where the value is in the Pallister governments health care plan.  

While it’s a challenge to keep track of the relentless attack,Value Manitoba will attempt to do just that.  The following is a list of changes and cuts we’ve identified to date; we’re not offering any deeper analysis here although we do provide links to various media articles, opinion pieces to provide context. No doubt as time marches on, there will be much more to say about how these cuts are affecting Manitobans, and we will endeavour to weigh in as we learn more.

We will update the list as more changes/cuts are announced. Here is what we have so far.  

September 2016

November  2016

December  2016:

January 2017:

  •  The Health Minister announces that the St. Boniface QuickCare Clinic on St. Mary’s Road will close.
  • Manitoba Home Care Program name change raises concerns about privatization

February 2017:

  •   Pallister cancels over (what they claim) is $1 billion in health care infrastructure projects.
  •   Cancelled projects include:
    • A new facility for CancerCare Manitoba ($300M);
    • A personal care home in Lac Du Bonnet (est. $32M) and a complete turn around on his campaign promise to provide 1200 new personal care beds for Manitoba’s aging population;
    • St. Vital primary care ACCESS clinic ($4.7M);
    • The Pas primary care clinic ($3.5M);
    • A new facility for Pan Am Clinic;
    • Concordia Wellness Centre; and
    • An international centre for dignity and palliative care.

March 2017:

April 2017:

May 2017:

June 2017:

July  2017:

August 2017:

September 2017:

October 2017:

November 2017:

Funding to Personal Care Homes cut

Province freezes funding to City for Ambulance services

December 2017:

January 2018:

February 2018:

July 2018:


Value Manitoba is pleased to learn that the Manitoba Health Care Coalition is now tracking the Pallister government’s cuts to healthcare.  That’s great news! check them out at



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